The short tale is that this is a marketing machine, created to drive sales over at my Etsy stores, Sunshine State Vintage and Florida Quarry.

The longer story has to do with my fascination for old things and research, Florida history and the online entrepreneur, and the lack of and need for additional money in the bank. You can probably fill in the blanks from here.

But just so you know: most of my posts are shameless plugs. I do add a bit of history, some frame of reference, definitions and explanations and my opinion to liven things up.

1 thought on “ABOUT”

  1. It’s perfectly all right to sell stuff, when you admit up front you are doing it, and don’t do things like cold-calling folks pretending to offer a survey etc. I spent my first decade after school in a variety of different kinds of sales. I haven’t done any selling since 1989, and my wife and I have been working to become less materialistic over the past decade. Either that or I’m justifying being really cheap. Maybe both😉
    But I completely understand how much people love carefully-selected vintage items, so best of luck to you!

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